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Annual Report and Accounts

In this section, you can download copies of our annual documents.



Annual Review 2015/16

Welcome to our short review of 2015/16, which gives you a flavour of what’s been happening in your local hospitals.

We continue to make progress in developing our clinical services in a variety of ways and you can read more about this throughout this review. This year has also seen the introduction of our Electronic Medical Records project, which has just gone live in our breast service and will really help to transform the way we deliver care to our patients.

Operationally this has been a year, once again, dominated by rising demand and emergency pressures and we have struggled to consistently meet our four hour waiting target. Much of our focus remains on improving our emergency care pathway, but we have made some good progress in the way we work collaboratively with our local healthcare partners and would like to thank them for their ongoing support.



Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16

Welcome to our Annual Report which covers the financial period from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.

Within a national context of rising demand for NHS services and continued financial pressure on the health and social care sector, Ashford and St Peter’s has risen well to the challenge and overall this has been another positive year for our Foundation Trust.

Described last year as ‘a caring organisation’ by the Care Quality Commission we have worked hard to maintain high standards of care despite increasing pressure on services across the board. We were proud to win the national Quality of Care Award from CHKS last year and to be finalists for the same award this year, which is a significant achievement by the wider team. And unlike many other hospital Trusts we have achieved this while keeping control of our finances and have finished the year with a relatively small deficit of £0.6m, which benchmarks us well against many of our peers.



Operational Plan 2016/17

The Trust’s approach to activity planning is to ensure, in agreement with our commissioners, that we provide holistic capacity that is fully aligned with reasonable demand expectations.

During 2015/16, the Trust worked with North West Surrey CCG (NWS CCG) colleagues and NERA Economic Consulting to establish demand which is estimated to increase by 2.4% during FY2016/17. In a small number of critical areas additional growth has been factored into the plans to take account of RTT and diagnostic waiting times pressures. The Trust has been supported by its commissioners to ensure these targets are achieved.

Our activity plans for 2016/17 are therefore based on ensuring we have sufficient capacity to deal with demand.


You can download previous reports below:


You can also monitor our monthly performance as part of the Balanced Scorecards presented to the Trust Board meetings.