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A personal, fair and diverse NHS is one where:

  • everyone counts
  • services are personal, designed to give patients what they want and need
  • fairness is built in- so that everyone has equal opportunities and treatment
  • the skills and experiences of employees from all backgrounds are used and valued
  • people can choose the services they want and have as much support as they need
  • everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and when they complain - we listen and put things right
  • talent flourishes and nothing stops people going as far as they want
  • we are accountable and patients are informed and have more control
  • care doesn’t stop at the door, but helps people live healthier lives


This is what our equality & diversity work at Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals is all about, and the information on these pages provide more detail about what we are doing to achieve this.



We meet the criteria to use the Employment Services disability symbol (we hold a Disability Employment Advisor’s Certificate).


Equality and Diversity

The Trust has a Diversity and Equality Steering Group, which oversees all diversity and equality activities and standards within the Trust. The Trust is also part of the North West Surrey Strategy on Equality and Diversity.


Dignity at Work

We have procedures and policies in place that make staff aware of the issues surrounding many forms of discrimination including bullying, harassment, whistle-blowing, tackling violence, racial and other forms of discrimination.



The Trust’s Whistle-Blowing Policy provides guidance for staff on raising concerns that incorporate the requirements the Trust has as a responsible employer both ethically and by statute. We want to provide a working environment in which workers can raise genuine issues of concern without fear of retribution. Employees are encouraged to act promptly and to put their concerns in writing.


Appreciation Awards

Each year the Trust holds an Appreciation Awards ceremony. Staff can be nominated for awards by other staff, by patients or by visitors. Awards are given for exceptional work in the Trust, national recognition or success, successful completion of a significant qualification, publication of an important piece of work or service to the community.

  • Click here to find out more about the latest awards


Cultural Awareness Training

The Trust has ongoing training on equality issues lead by a Diversity Lead in each department and supported by our Equality team.


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Profile of Workforce in 2016/17

Workforce profile by Staff Group

Workforce profile

Group Staff Count of Head Count
Additional Clinical Services 597
Administrative and Clerical 855
Estates and Ancillary 254
Medical and Dental 579
Nursing and Midwifery Registered 1110
AHPS 404
Grand Total 3799