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The WOW! Awards

The WOW! Awards are an easy way for patients and visitors to tell us about a member of staff or a team which provide an outstanding service.

We want everyone to receive the highest standards of care and service at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. To help support this, we are asking patients and visitors to tell us when they have been WOW’d by a member of staff or a team has gone the extra mile.

The WOW! Awards help organisations to benefit from outstanding customer service. This gives staff the recognition they deserve and inspires them and other colleagues to deliver a fantastic service all the time. Patients and visitors can pick up a nomination form from around the hospital or alternatively, nominate easily via our website.

Nominations are reviewed on a monthly basis by The WOW! Awards team and hand signed certificates are issued to winners.


Recent Nominations

We have a small selection of the many hundreds of nominations our staff have received from patients, visitors, and fellow colleagues. You can read more on the WOW website by clicking here.


Stacey Hussey


I was in A&E with my poorly mother who was quite elderly. The department was extremely busy, when I checked mum in I explained the problem and from that second onwards Stacey your receptionist was so helpful. She even made myself and mum a cup of tea and got mum a blanket because it was cold.


Jill Hickman


Jill has been my midwife before, during and after the birth of my daughter. I was a challenging patient because my daughter had been identified as having health problems at the 20 week anomaly scan.


Dr Roushdi, Dr Baloch And Every Single Staff Member

Orthopaedic - Ashford

I just wanted to express my views about the hospital. I had a knee replacement on 6 November 2014 by Dr Roushdi. I have to admit that the day I had my operation until now, every single staff member - doctors, nurses and receptionists all have been so polite, courteous, patient, proactive.


Aurica Domocos


Aurica is one of a kind and always puts in 100% into her job. As a junior member of staff I feel very supported when I am on shift with her, if i ever have a problem I know I can rely on Aurica to help me. Aurica always makes sure my efforts are known and appreciated on every shift.


Katie Wells


Excellent attitude. Very attentive to my needs. Helpful and cheerful. A credit to the NHS.

Bernadette Jarvis


Bernie is one of life's incredible people and if the world was full of "Bernies" then it would be a very magical place! Bernie was my Community Midwife and I literally cannot praise her enough. She deserves all of the recognition she can possibly get. She is gold dust to the community.


Miriam Earles And Debbie Wright

Blanche Heriot Unit

These 2 members of staff go above the call of duty and do jobs outside of their working remit. Miriam will come and help with clinical duties when we are short staffed and takes it upon herself to do gardening and is a very integral part of the team.

Lyn Woollam


would like to nominate Lyn Woollam for a WOW award because of her excellent care whilst looking after our father Les Kinsella in MHDU. The care he received from Lyn and the other members of the team far excelled our expectations, I think this is a fantastic idea.


WOW "Heroes of Customer Service"

Click here for a presentation on the annual WOW! award winners for 2014.