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Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals' Charity
Tough Mudder May 2024
Tough Mudder

Run, crawl and climb at the Tough Mudder while raising money and awareness to support the incredible care at Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals.

Cycling for Healing Arts
Cycling for Healing Arts

Ashford & St. Peter’s Arts and Design Manager, Cat Cooke, is cycling 10km in the Twilight Runaway Challenge with her family to raise funds for and awareness of our Trust Healing Arts Programme.

Hospitals receive over £1,000 from Salesian School
Donation from Salesian School

Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Paediatric Team were delighted to receive £1,160 from local Chertsey school, Salesians as part of their celebrations for the NHS 75th birthday. Influenced by Ashford and St Peter’s Charity NHS75 campaign, the students organised a Mufti Day for the whole school.

London Landmarks Half Marathon

Be part of London’s Most Iconic Half Marathon, while raising money to support the incredible care at Ashford & St. Peter’s Hospitals.

London Landmarks Half Marathon
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Our Wishlists

If you would like to make a donation towards a piece of equipment or purchase an item from our Paediatric Play Team Wishlist, please see the information below:

Say Thank You!

We welcome donations to any ward or department that you would like to say thank you to at either Ashford or St. Peter’s Hospitals.

Funds go to our general fund to be used for priority projects when no ward or department is selected.

Thank a Ward / Department

Should you wish to wish to show your gratitude to a particular ward or department, it is always appreciated!

We need to know which hospital ward or department you would like your donation to go.

So, after you make your donation please complete and return a donation form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 01932 726585 to let us know where you would like your donation.

If you don’t specify a particular appeal, ward, service, or hospital your donation will be put in to one of our general funds and will be used in the area where we think has the greatest need in our hospitals.

Equipment Wishlist

How you can help us!

Each year, we have a capital bids programme where we prioritise the pieces of medical equipment to be purchased or replaced. Inevitably the NHS budget can only stretch so far, so those items that almost made the cut will have to wait for the next year.


Would you like to help us get these items sooner?

Working with teams from across the hospitals, we’ve created a list of some of the items that we have been unable to purchase, which we have shared on our website. It is here that you will be able to see which of the items have been purchased already or partially funded, and you will be able to make a contribution, however big or small, or even purchase an item outright if you wish!

One of the benefits of doing this means that under charity legislation these items do not incur VAT if bought by charitable funds.

If you would like your donation to go towards a specific item on our wish list, please contact the Fundraising team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Aktilite® CL 128

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Lamp

£4,000 (approx)

This will allow the department to use light sensitive medicine together with the appropriate light source to destroy abnormal cells in clinic without the need for surgery.

Donate online


iCare Portable Tonometer

iCare Portable Tonometer


This Tonometer will enhance the experience for both eye patients and clinicians by taking measurements within 0.1 seconds and with minimal impact.

Donate online



Staff Team Wellbeing ‘Take a Break’ Sessions
All staff via Wellbeing Team

£1,000 per year

All staff need time to destress and debrief from the daily challenges of patient facing care. The Wellbeing team host ‘take a break’ sessions providing a safe space for staff to take some refreshments, network with colleagues, access financial, physical and psychological support from wellbeing ambassadors.



Healing Arts Music Performance
Healing Arts

£150-200 per session

There are many benefits to arts within a healthcare setting. Bringing external musicians into individual departments to perform gives access to music at the bedside, improving patient wellbeing and promoting healing for all.


FeNO Machine

FeNO Machine


The FeNO Machine will help us to establish a much-needed enhanced Asthma service for patients.

Donate online


Cube Bone Saw

Cube Bone Saw


This new generation Cube Bone Saw will bring great benefits for patients and clinicians.

Donate online


Automated BP with ear thermometer

Automated BP with ear thermometer, HR / oxygen saturation and temperature check


Welch Allyn - BP with HR / oxygen saturation and temperature check will be used in diagnostic clinics for routine vitals checks, as this is often required when escalating clinical and medical patients review on the day of their follow-up, if needed with clinicians.


ACU-EVAC Smoke Extractor

ACU-EVAC Smoke Extractor


These filtration machines are using in outpatients clinics for minor dermatology operations.

Donate online


All in one diagnostic monitor system

All in one diagnostic monitor system - best in class!


Automated blood pressure monitor with ear thermometer, heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation and temperature check all in one kit. Can capture a full set of vital measurements in under 1 minute.

Donate online


Give a Child a Wishlist Gift

How you can help

QR Code - scan to link to the Amazon wish list

Our team at St. Peter’s hospital has created a carefully thought out Wish List of toys that will distract and amuse children while they wait to get better and return home.

If you would like to help visit our Amazon Wish List page.


The wish list has been our lifeline for all the everyday resources as over the past few years we have received a few thousand pounds worth of donations: toys, crafts, dvds, games, game consoles, kindles, etc. and as Amazon have now changed the settings and no donations have been made over last few months, we have been short of resources to the point that we have almost no stickers or presents left that are usually given for little achievements.

Parents have appreciated donating in this particular way for a few reasons: there is a selection of toys, crafts, equipment, stickers or games that they can choose from and often decide to buy something that their children would like to play with, also, it is a direct donation of an actual product so there is a certainty that the playroom will receive a product rather than an amount of money that could be spent on something different. It is a very practical approach.

All donations are directly delivered to the playroom and available to patients immediately. It has been possible to keep a good selection of little gifts for treatments, blood tests, taking medicine, injections, etc. There has been a great selection of games, toys, crafts or entertainment such as Xbox games, tablets etc. which make hospital stays so much more pleasant, especially the longer stays away from friends, family and school. If anybody wishes to donate, they can access the wish list by clicking on the link and choose an item for as little as £1.

Play Team Co-ordinator


Visiting our Hospitals

If your child has to go in to hospital we appreciate that both parents and their child may feel apprehensive.

To give reassurance we have created these video clips that explain what happens in our children’s ward and the process of having an operation.

Little Roo Amazon Wishlist

We have a wishlist for the Little Roo Neonatal Fund at St Peter's Hospital via the link below:


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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